Pyramid Printing has an excellent reputation and has achieved great success since 1987. Our founder, Kingman Leung, is proud of his loyal staff and how committed they are to the mission.

Most of our projects come from referrals and word-of-mouth in the industries we serve. We have a diverse range of clients and industries, and we are ready to handle your business’ needs. Being adaptable and professional is the name of the game. If it weren’t for our dedication and commitment to our clients and their projects, we at Pyramid Printing would not be where we are today.

Pyramid Printing focuses on digital and offset printing, web to print, print to web, and variable data printing.


Since 1987 our experience with interactive advertising has helped bridge the gap between company and consumer. That same experience applies to the digital requirements of direct mail campaigns. We have worked with Fortune 500 companies and understand the needs of large companies while still being able to cater to small to medium-sized business, start-ups, and individuals.

Our campaigns vary in need and complexity. Some clients may need a simple 200 poster print job and the next week they may require a variable data campaign for a tradeshow seminar. Pyramid Printing can orchestrate the entire promotion and develop the print campaign.


Our Mission

Our mission statement defines the core service and reminds us about the challenge and expectation placed upon us. This is the driving force at Pyramid Printing:

“We are dedicated to printing your jobs to the best of industry standards and we offer offset services that fit the most demanding of needs.”

Pyramid Printing creates respectful, relevant, and personalized campaigns that will get people excited they get your unique, customized promotion.